1. What We're Building

What We’re Building

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Welcome! In this course, we’ll be building Newsy, a full-stack app that will teach you React by building Hacker News. We’ll be building a main news feed, a link page for upvoting and commenting, a trending page that sorts links by upvotes, a search page for searching links by text, and a comprehensive authentication system to gate access. 

Newsy is an app that works on web, iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows. 

We’ll be shipping all of these apps with React and with one shared code base by using two tools:

The first is Ionic, a UI toolkit for building performant, high-quality web, mobile and desktop apps.

And the second is Firebase, a serverless framework that will handle our server-side infrastructure and deployments.

This means we can focus just on React while building and deploying a cross-platform experience working on web, mobile, and desktop 

Hacker News

Want to learn React? The best way is to build real startups. In this course, we'll build a news app like Hacker News with React, Ionic, and Firebase.

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